Leonite Capital is a New York based single family office.

The firm is a diversified investment company with extensive holdings in real estate (multifamily, mixed use, parking), private equity (both direct and managed portfolios), public equities (with a focus on small-cap and micro-cap public companies), alternative lending, hedge funds, and venture capital.

Leonite abides by a strict set of governing principles. We do not believe that low risk necessitates low return, and we are not afraid to get involved in "unpopular" industries. We avoid crowded positions, as we have found that opportunities lie in shunned and undiscovered fringes of the market.

We are a multi-generational family firm and as such we are afforded a longer investment horizon than is available to most asset managers. The firm is not beholden to limited partners, which grants it the liberty to invest solely based on financial merits.