At Leonite Capital, our investment strategy isn’t what defines us.

We’re proud of our ability to change and adapt to these rules, and that’s what makes us successful. Below are some of the core investments that Leonite Capital's principals have specialized in for generations.


Venture Capital

  • Seed Stage investments
  • Series A
  • Venture debt

Asset Backed Loans

  • Traditional ABLs
  • P.O. Financing
  • Factoring

Acquisition Finance

  • Acquisitions of stable, cashflow positive companies with EBITDA ranging from $250,000 to $5,000,000

Real Estate

  • Multifamily Real Estate (New York, Southeast, Texas)
  • Healthcare (skilled nursing, addiction treatment centers)
  • Student housing (US)
  • Parking Facilities (North America)
  • Non-performing notes on commercial properties in the markets that we operate in


  • Acquiring distressed operating companies or business assets in receivership or bankruptcy sales